Mobtown Fermentation

is a small Baltimore based company specializing in the art of fermentation. We brew our own unique brand of kombucha and currently have five flavors available: mango-peach, ginger-grapefruit, elderberry, apple spice, and watermelon hops. Our goal is to share this delicious and healthy drink with our community.

Our Mission

is to promote a healthier lifestyle by sharing our delicious and completely natural kombucha with our friends and community at affordable prices. Our unique blend is geared towards making Wild Kombucha enjoyable to the average Joe in addition to long time kombucha drinkers.


​ is a fermented drink that has been brewed and consumed for over two millennia. The revitalizing effects of the beverage were recognized and used by many cultures around the world. Modern day studies on the health benefits of consuming fermented foods have only proven our ancestors right. Kombucha is loaded with vitamins and acids that help strengthen the immune system. It has probiotics and enzymes that are known to bolster digestion and replenish the good bacteria in your gut. Kombucha also boosts liver function, because it contains the same acids that the liver releases to eliminate toxins from the body.

Pictures by Tyler Packett

Brewed in Baltimore

Adam and Sergio first learned about kombucha in 2000 when their parents started brewing it at home. Sharing their curiosity and passion for fermentation, brewing kombucha became a family affair at their home in Baltimore. A few years later in 2009, when Sergio and Adam’s parents moved to Peru, they left the fermentation canisters and brewing tools with Adam. One day, while cleaning out the garage, he came across the kombucha equipment. He began reminiscing about how he used to brew kombucha with his family, and decided to give it a go. He was hooked. Seeing the brewing process as a puzzle, Adam began working diligently to master the art. Initially using friends and family as guinea pigs, he first perfected the process his parents taught him, and then began exploring the use of different flavors. He realized that the use of certain flavors allowed him to add a new dimension to the drink, while still highlighting the crisp and bubbly tones that make kombucha unique. It did not take long for his friends to taste the appeal. Over the next two years he supplied his drink to family, friends, and a group of Johns Hopkins students that had become regulars. As orders grew larger, and Adam grew busier with his job and band, he looked to Sergio to help out since he already knew the process. Eventually, brewing began taking up their weekends, friends of friends were ordering consistently, and word of their kombucha had spread throughout Hampden. Knowing that the company would need more help, Adam and Sergio pitched the idea to their childhood friend Sid in May 2014. Mobtown Fermentation and Wild Kombucha were born.

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